Green Point Juicery named one of the top 8 Great Juice Bars in New Jersey

Here is what New Jersey Monthly has to say about us:

Green Point Juicery


Organic, kosher, gluten-free, raw, non GMO, no HPP (which stands for High Pressure Processing). Suffice to say Green Point Juicery isn’t messing around with the purity of what goes into your 8- or 16-ouncer. Their Cold Pressed menu is the headliner here, and you can instantly tell by the breadth of the menu alone that they got more creative than other juice bars stop with the words “cold pressed.” More of a (fun) health stop with less funk than sleek function, but they also do good, life-rounding-out extras like vegan burgers, cleanse menus and a few sweet indulgences.

Funkiest Ingredient: activated charcoal, the hyper-trendy, terrifyingly (alluringly?) black stuff that potentially boosts your efforts to detox with its own detoxifying powers.

28 Speedwell Avenue, Morristown; 973-500-3044”